Florence St, Glenwaverley

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Mr Wu is an old customer of ACA Shutters and over the years purchased shutters for five of his bungalow large windows, the oldest shutter was selected with a Hidden operating rod for the shutters, this requires the shutters to be opened and closed by manually rotating one of the shutters, this is not the best method and over the years the special plastic hinge pins may have been weakened and occasionally fail. He contacted ACA Shutters and Blinds in 2017 and asked if we could supply him with spares, this we did free of charge and very quickly.

He has recently had a spate of failed pins; his wife is a bit rough opening and closing the shutters when she cleans the windows. He again contacted ACA Shutters and Blinds and asked if they could arrange to buy 200 repair pins from China for him when they next order customer shutters.

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