Roman Blinds

Classic style and simple functionality

Roman blinds combine stylish fabrics and textures with the ease of a window shade. When drawn down, guests will admire how they liven up your space with colour and patterns. As you raise the shade the fabric will fold neatly so you can enjoy your view and keep your space filled with flair.

Roman Blinds

Roman Blinds Advantages

Roman Blinds are a type of window blinds used to block out the sun. It have lavish, draped folds, and so they are ideal for more ornate, heritage interiors but can also be used to create a feature within a simpler setting.

Designer Fabrics

Get ready for dazzling design. Roman blinds can act as a brilliant backdrop full of colour and texture to deck out your home.

Light Control

Whether you're a night owl or morning dynamo, there are light filtering options just for you.

Cordless Option

Easy, breezy, and modern, cordless is a popular and favourite upgrade.

Light Weight

It just love to show off their lighter-weight style in large, tricky to cover windows.

Made to measure

We want to ensure you have the best possible experience with ACA Shutters & Blinds. That’s why all our roman blinds are custom made for you. Based on the width and height you order; your roman blinds will be handcrafted and beautifully made by our factory.

With the Measure Insurance from ACA Shutters & Blinds, you don’t have to worry about wrong measurements anymore. And it is quite important that you could have your product manufactured and fitted with the same group of people. ACA Shutters & Blinds offers you excellent quality roman blinds in Victoria and also have our product professional measured, manufactured and fitted for your customers.

To get the best experience of the product you purchase, please let our consultation and installation team do the right work for you.


Widespread collection of fabulous fabrics and colours

Choose from a widespread collection of fabulous fabrics and colors along with light control options like room darkening or blackout liners. For an easy-to-use, modern twist, order your roman blinds with a cordless lift.

IT can be done

Multi-applications Roman Blinds

Customize your Roman blinds with your own unique style preferences with decorative trim or fringe, fabric valances, or genuine wood cornices.

Fabric Roman blinds offer increased energy efficiency by keeping warm air in during the winter months and cooler air in during the summer.

Select from either inside or outside mounts. An outside mount optimizes your view since the blinds stack above the window, eliminating light gaps between the window parameter and your window treatment.  Choose an inside mount if you are looking to achieve a customized look or have decorative moulding you want to display. 



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