Honeycomb Blinds

Light Filtering Thermal Honeycomb Blinds

Honeycomb blinds are best known for their energy-saving properties but also offer a wide array of customizable options. Honeycomb blinds get their name and insulating power from their honeycomb shape that traps air between the window and the room, buffering against heat loss in winter and heat gain in summer.


Honeycomb Blinds Advantages

Honeycomb blinds (also called cellular shades) are made from one continuous piece of fabric and they either roll up or fold up along their crisp pleats. Fabric is then bonded together to form the honeycomb blinds cells.

Better Insulation

It block heat from the sun in the summer, but conserve your cool AC air, and keep the cold out in the winter months, but conserve heat in your home.

Slim Profile

Honeycomb shades have a small profile and don’t require a lot of depth.

Noise Cancellation

The cellular construction of honeycomb blinds also helps them block out some of the outside noise.

Better Privacy

If you’re looking for window treatments that, apart from better insulation, also provide greater privacy—then this would be the right choice.

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Best Rooms For Honeycomb

Your bedroom is your sanctuary where you wake up and wind down every day. So, your first thought should be private, and how much you want.

As bathrooms are humid areas, they require window treatments that can withstand moisture. Privacy is another major factor in choosing window treatments for a bathroom.

The living room is where you make a statement about your home, entertaining and protecting large furniture that you don’t want to fade. Honeycomb shades are the great protectors from direct sunlight, and you can pick how much light you want coming in while still preserving your view outside.

Honeycomb blinds will keep your dining room warm and private, with a soft, homey feel.



Living room

Dining room



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