Roller Blinds

Clean, easy to use, and ready to serve

Get the ball rolling on new window treatments! Roller shades are a favorite choice for adding texture, color, and sleek accents to a home. Clean-cut and versatile, roller shades are available in solid colors, various textures, patterns and synthetic woven fabrics.

Choose from a variety of colors, styles, patterns, and opacity levels of roller blinds from ACA Shutters & Blinds. From sheer, light-filtering to complete blackout shades, you can customize any room in your home to suit your unique style and taste. ​

Ah, the lap of luxury!

Want the look and beauty of real wood blinds at a better price? Venetian blinds are calling your name! Venetian Blinds are moisture resistant, durable, UV protected, and cost much less.So, go ahead! Hang these beauties in every room in your home; they’re tough enough to stand up to just about anything.

If you’re looking for a way to add some class and warmth to your home, wood venetian blinds can do that and more. Both classic and cool, these blind slats are made from high-quality Basswood, which is both attractive and durable. There’s also no need to worry if they’ll match your home or décor.

Verticals travel side to side providing excellent light control

Vertical blinds are more fashionable and diverse than ever. Gone are the days of plain white verticals being the only choice for alternative window and door treatments. Modern vertical blinds are made from PVC, fabric, or even wood and can be seen dancing in doors and windows in several refined colors and textures.

The vertical blind is a window cover made with vertical slats of fabric or PVC materials which can be easily adjusted in order to change the amount of light that you want to allow in. Vertical blinds are fully adjustable and suitable for both home and office areas.​

Classic style and simple functionality

Roman blinds combine stylish fabrics and textures with the ease of a window shade. When drawn down, guests will admire how they liven up your space with colour and patterns. As you raise the shade the fabric will fold neatly so you can enjoy your view and keep your space filled with flair.

Roman Blinds are a type of window blinds used to block out the sun. Roman Blinds have lavish, draped folds, and so they are ideal for more ornate, heritage interiors but can also be used to create a feature within a simpler setting.

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