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Top-notch thermal-broken window and door systems

ACA Shutters & Blinds offers top-notch thermal-broken window and door systems that provide the best possible energy efficiency and comfort in residential and commercial properties.

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Between the inside and outside aluminium structures lies a plastic strip, which functions as a barrier to impede thermal energy transfer through the aluminium frame.

Maximising energy efficiency is a critical element of any environmentally friendly construction project, which can be achieved by reinforcing insulation in the structure and selecting the correct type of glass that limits the amount of solar heat absorbed. The ACA Thermal-broken window and door systems offer a luxurious experience and an energy-saving substitute to conventional aluminium windows and doors.

In General

Features and Benefits

Therma-broken windows and doors range benefits include:


Australian Standards

The next phase in energy efficiency

Green building projects must consider energy efficiency during construction, which can be improved through greater insulation and the selection of glass that has superior resistance to solar heat. ACA window and door systems with thermal breaks offer a comfortable and energy-efficient solution compared to conventional aluminium windows and doors.

U-values are used as an indication of how much heat energy is able to pass through a window. The lower the U-value, the more efficiently the window prevents the outside temperature from entering the interior of a building. ACA Shutters & Blinds’ window and door systems offer improved insulation, especially when combined with the appropriate type of glass.


The design of ACA Thermal-Broken windows and doors involves the implementation of two aluminium profiles and a polyamide strip placed between the external and internal components. This creates a thermal barrier that reduces the flow of heat and cold through the aluminium frames, resulting in superior insulating properties.

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Design for Performance

When using traditional building methods, architects and engineers may need to modify their layouts or reduce and take away windows to adhere to energy regulations for a particular undertaking. Nevertheless, with the ACA Thermal-Broken range, they can incorporate generous sections of glass using thermally broken aluminium window frames and still abide by the new Section J energy regulations. This also gives them the ability to stay in line with current trends associated with natural light, ventilation, open areas, and panoramic views.

Towards Section J

Achieving the mandatory energy efficiency criteria for commercial constructions with traditional systems is increasingly difficult. If you require a superior approach to get you to the necessary level, ACA Shutters & Blinds has the answer. Our Australian-made, thermally broken system is specifically designed for local fabricators and customers and can provide the ideal solution for Section J regulations.

Tested to the Max

Doors and windows manufactured by ACA Thermal-Broken have been created with the Australian climate in mind and have been evaluated in accordance with the country’s testing protocols. This ensures that they abide by the National Construction Code (NCC).

Rigorous Assessments

Every ACA Thermal-Broken window and door system has been put through rigorous assessments to evaluate its performance against strong winds and water, air permeability, and operation power. It is crucial to ACA Shutters & Blinds that our customers feel secure when using our products, and they can be sure that they will last and stand the test of time.

Details of design

The frame and corners

The frame and corners

The frame and corners are constructed with a single moulding technique of superior strength, providing a secure build and excellent performance.


Aluminium profile material

The fabrication of our profiled aluminium utilizes 6060-T66 ultra-high-precision grade material, which is of superior purity, thus ensuring the strength and durability of the product.


Surface Technology

Through a specialized weather-proof coating process, the exterior has excellent anti-fading, anti-blooming, air pollution resistance, strong anti-UV capabilities, excellent crack resistance and is able to withstand severe weather conditions.

thermal-broken-windows-Hidden drainage system

Hidden drainage system

The incorporation of vertical gravity drainage, which is not visible, guards against strong winds entering through the drainage holes to stop water from being forced back, creating a more aesthetically pleasing window.

thermal-broken-windows-Vertical Thermal-Control Bar Design

Vertical Thermal-Control
Bar Design

The thermal insulator will create a thermal buffer between the frame, panel, and window, preventing heat transfer and limiting the amount of energy lost.

Quality Accessories

Adding top-notch components for aluminum windows and doors is essential for boosting the performance and longevity of the setup. Our products guarantee that the aluminum windows and doors will work proficiently for a long time.



Even in a noisy city, one can experience seclusion

ACA thermally broken windows and doors with the multi-cavity design combined with high-performance insulating glass significantly decrease noise levels.

Indoor <= 24dB while outside as noisy as 60dB

Even in a noisy city, one can experience seclusion with text


Aluminum-clad wood windows and doors

Aluminum clad wood windows

Combining the benefits of both wood and aluminium, aluminium-clad wood windows provide minimal upkeep, excellent energy efficiency, and consistent thermal regulation in window and door systems.

Our exceptional double-glazed window and door system ensures maximum comfort and security for Australian homes throughout the year. Moreover, homeowners have a wide selection of designs, sizes, and colours for their architectural needs.

Micro Ventilation is also available for our thermal-broken windows and doors, ask our sales team for more information.

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