Essential Windows and Doors

Essential Windows and Doors

A simple, effective way to use natural light and ventilation.

ACA Shutters & Doors essential windows and doors are loaded with features, have been strictly tested according to Australian standards, have an attractive appearance, and are cost-effective. Most importantly, installed by experienced experts.

Essential Windows and Doors whole house projects 2
Essential Windows and Doors whole house projects

In General


The key features of our essential aluminium windows and doors include the following:

single or double-glazed

Accepts single or double-glazed glass

Superior sealing

Superior sealing with multipoint locking


Compatible with other ACA Shutters & Blinds aluminium framing and panel system

Tested and approved

Tested and approved by an independent NATA-accredited laboratory


Australian Standards

All our ACA Shutters & Blinds Essential aluminium windows and doors have been tested to AS2047 to ensure ultimate safety and trust. This assessment offers information regarding deflection, the required force to operate it, air leakage, water entering, and the maximum strength it can bear. Selected products in the Essential windows and doors range are tested with AS4284 standards.

Tested to AS2047

The Building Code of Australia mandates that we manufacture windows and doors that adhere to the minimum requirements established by Australian Standard (AS) 2047 and AS1288.

Simulations of High Winds and Driving Rains

The AS4420.2 Deflection Test involves subjecting the window to both positive and negative wind pressures in order to evaluate the maximum deflection that it can withstand under wind load. Furthermore, the AS4420.5 Water Penetration Resistance Test is conducted to guarantee that water does not penetrate through the window into the interior of the building.

Operating Force Requirement

The AS4420.3 Operating Force Test is utilized to check that a window sash will open and close with no excessive force required.

Air Infiltration Pressure

The AS4220.4 Air In filtration Test determines if a window is performing with optimal energy and noise control by gauging its air penetration levels.

Ultimate Strength Testing

AS4420.6 Ultimate Strength Test – negative and positive wind pressures are applied to the window to at least 1.5 times the design wind pressure to ensure it does not fail in unusual wind conditions.





Windows and Doors Energy Efficiency Diagram


Designer Options and Layouts

Overall, all ACA Shutters & Blinds windows and doors come in a range of standard and designer configurations to match your windows and doors to your home’s design.

We Design for free

Talk to our designer now, let us know your configuration requirement.


Get your windows quickly with a selection of factory-prefinished colours, or take advantage of our range of frame and glass options to make your windows match your colour scheme. ACA Shutters & Blinds is a certified applicator of Dulux and Interpon powdercoat finishes.


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