A view of shutters from outside of your property

A view of shutters from outside of your property

Plantation shutters can drastically change the look of the rooms they are installed in. However, customers are often surprised by how much they can transform the property’s exterior. One of the main reasons customers pick plantation shutters for their preferred window dressing is to stop people from looking through their rooms. Privacy is a very significant aspect for homeowners, particularly those that live in built-up areas or next to busy streets or paths. Hence, it is always surprising to hear how many customers have not considered how their newly installed shutters might look from the outside by all those passers-by. Plus, who doesn’t like a bit of curb appeal?

Shutters transform the exterior of your home, giving it a classic, luxury appeal while also shielding what’s inside from the view of passers-by or on the doorstep, from full-height shutters that completely cover the window to café style shutters that provide just enough coverage to prevent passers-by from seeing in while allowing light to flow freely through the top of the window at all times.

When we create your shutters, we consider every detail, including how they will seem from the outside of the house, which is why we make the lining of the shutters match the property’s windows. Something that is extremely difficult to accomplish with off-the-shelf options. Other things to consider while thinking about how shutters will seem from the outside are:


It’s difficult to argue that shutters aren’t a significant improvement over typical window treatments like curtains or blinds, whether you have a new build or a period home. With so many distinct types and nuances that not only make your shutters unique to your property but also work with your home’s interior and exterior decor, we can style all of our shutters to complement classic or modern aesthetics. Smaller slats, for example, are more appropriate for period residences, whilst larger slats are more appropriate for modern homes. If you want to keep the traditional characteristics on the outside while giving the inside a modern touch, you can choose a different colour for the inner side of your shutter than the external side.

When you glance at a house from the outside, shutters are likely to be one of the first things you notice. Typically finished in white but available in a wide range of paint and stain finishes suiting your own tastes and property. Choosing the best colour is easier than you think with our bespoke colour matching service.

With most windows having a white frame, white shutters seem precisely matched in situ, but some customers want a more pronounced contrast. Darker wood shutters with white frames or brilliant white shutters with dark window frames. Other colours can complement any window frames, providing a focal point from both inside and outside.


Customers were frequently deliberate on which windows of their home to decorate with shutters. Therefore, we usually advise consumers to consider if a balanced visual exterior is essential to them. For example, suppose a customer’s budget does not allow them to install shutters in every room in their home. In that case, we recommend keeping things uniform where possible, such as installing shutters on all the rooms at the front of the property, or all the rooms on a floor of a property, even if it is just all the windows on one room of the property – if you have a large house with four living room windows, having shutters on only half of them may look awkward.


All of our shutter collections operate as an additional layer behind your windows. With windows flung wide in the summer, shuttered shutters help deter opportunist robbers by keeping valuables out of sight and making entry more difficult.

For even more peace of mind, our security shutters are built in the same manner as our hardwood shutters but made of durable aluminium, complete with a lock and keys! People will find it challenging to enter via the windows with these shutters.


Our skilled staff has many years of experience designing and installing shutters and is available to assist you. We’ve made shutters for every type of property imaginable, from family homes and companies to castles, yachts, and garden sheds! We’ve worked with houses of diverse eras and individual clients and interior designers. So, we’ll have a decent sense of what will work with your home. We will be able to provide the utmost in tailor crafted shutters and kerb appeal when combined with your ideas and preferences.

We want our shutters to create a WOW factor for anyone looking at your home. Why not get in touch with us and see what we can do for you?

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